Dr. Amita Sharma

Head of Department
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Educational Qualifications: 




SLET Cleared




J.R.N Rajasthan Vidyapeeth  Deemed University,Udaipur



M.Sc(CS)-Banasthali Vidyapeeth,Banasthali



B.Sc(CS) Hons-Banasthali Vidyapeeth,Banasthali



Career Profile: 




Head of Department


Business Analytics, IIS(deemed to be) University, Jaipur

Senior Assistant Professor & Reserach Supervisor

2018-till now

Department of CS &IT,

IIS(deemed to be) University, Jaipur

Assistant Professor & Research Supervisor

2nd May 2012-2018

Department of CS &IT,

The IIS University, Jaipur

Full Time and Assistant Professor & Research Supervisor

11th Aug 2011-18th April 2012

J.V.W University,

Guest Faculty


S.F.S. Department, M.G.S. University, Bikaner

Guest Faculty


M.N. Institute of Applied Science, Bikaner


Administrative Assignments: 
  1. Remote Center Coordinator ,eoutreach programmes of IIT Bombay ,2017-19.
  2. Coordinator,Feedback Committee,The IIS University,2016-17.
  3. Asst Coordinator,IT Planning and Monitoring committee,The IIS University,2016-17.
  4. Coordinator,Attendance Monitoring Committee,The IIS University,2014-15.
  5. Asst Coordinator,Feedback Committee,The IIS University,2014-15.
  6. Asst Coordinator,IT Planning and Monitoring committee,The IIS University,2014-15.
  7. Nodal Office,The IIS University,2013-14(Voter ID Preparation)
  8. A-VIEW Coordinator at Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University,Jaipur.
  9. E- Resource & E- learning Coordinator at Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University,Jaipur.
Areas of Interest / Specialization: 
  1. Data Science, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  2. Database Systems and Blockchain
  3. Web Services and Management
  4. Vedic Science & Modern theories
  5. Genomics and data analysis
  6. Software Engineering
  7. Networking and Security
Subjects Taught: 

At Post graduate level:

  1. Advance Software Engineering,
  2. Data Communication & Networking
  3. Object Oriented programming using Java System Analysis and Design,
  4. Computer Architecture
  5. Human Computer Interaction.
  6. Problem solving Techniques

At Undergraduate level :

  1. Data Mining
  2. Python
  3. Software Engineering,
  4. Object-Oriented programming using C++ ,
  5. Data Structures and algorithm,
  6. E-commerce,
  7. Operating System,
  8. Computer Fundamentals,
  9. Discrete Mathematics,
  10. Programming languages (C, C++,Web based languages,PHP) .
  11. Artifical Intelligence
  12. Principle of progamming language.
Research Guidance: 

PhDs Supervised and Awarded/Submitted:

  • Shweta Singh,"Improvement of network security algorithm for cloud computing",2018.(Superviser)
  • Geetika Vyas ,"Design and Implementation of predicative model to assess usability of SPL feature model using structural metrics",2017.(Superviser)
  • Devika Chhahhiya "Application of neural network for quality assessment in higher education",2017.(Co-superviser)
  • Astha Pareek,"Design and development of efficient data mining techniques for application in elementary educational system with special reference to out of school children",2016.(Co-superviser)
  • Uma Devi,"Design and analysis of quality model to study the impact of refactored code on software product line maintainability",2020.(Co-superviser)

On going PhDs :

  • Deepshikha Sharma,"Design of an efficient neuro-cryptographic algorithm for better and secured key exchange process".(Superviser)
  • Harshita Bharagav,"Recommendation System for Drug Target Interaction".(Superviser)
  • Rajneesh Chaturvedi,"Enhancement of Web Architecture",(Co-superviser).
Publications Profile: 
  1. Review Security Issues Of MVoIP In Wimax Network,IJECWK,vol 2, Issue 1,Sept 2012.(Dr. Amita Sharma, Astha Pareek, & Geetika Vyas)
  2. SDMETRICS: The OO Design Quality Measurement Tool for UML, IJCET-IAEME, Vol 3, Issue 2,Sept 2012.
  3. Cloud Based E-Animal Healthcare System : Innovative Approach For Rural Development.  (Interdisciplinary National Conference On “Sustainable Rural Development In India: Efforts & Challenges” ,The IIS University, Jaipur)
  4. Survey On Utility Of Data Mining Techniques In Fraud Detection In E-Banking.International Conference On Global Business Research, MLSU, Udaipur.(poster presentation)
  5. “Security Aspects In Data Mining” at “International Symposium(IEEE) For Standards In Engineering And Technology, Delhi Technical University, New Delhi” on 4-6 October 2012.Astha Pareek, Amita Sharma & Geetika Vyas .( Oral Presentation)
  6. Software Product Line Engineering: A Comprehensive Study.National Conference On “Emerging Technologies In Computer Engineering” (Ncetce-2012), Swami Keshvanand Institute Of Technology, Management & Gramothan, Jaipur,National.(paper presented).
  7. “Shadow Detection, Methods And Its Evaluation”, IJECCE, Vol 3, Issue 6, Nov-Dec 2012.
  8. Co-authered with Dr Devika Chachiya and Dr Manish Gupta,“Recapitulation on Transformations in Neural Network Back Propagation Algorithm”, International Journal ofInformation and Computation Technology (IJICT), VOl-3, Issue-4, PP 323-328, (2013).

  9.  Co-authered with Dr Devika Chachiya and Dr Manish Gupta,“To Draw an Analogy between SPSS and MATLAB for Neural Network modeling: Diverse Approach”, presented in 8th Biyani International conference (BICON-13) held at Biyani Girls college Jaipur from SEPT 22-26, published in proceeding as full paper (2013) PP 66-70.

  10. Co-authered with Dr Devika Chachiya and Dr Manish Gupta, “Application of Neural Network Data Mining Technique in Biodiversity Conservation”, presented in National Conference on Biodiversity  conservation: Embracing Our Future, Preserving Our Past held at THE IIS UNIVERSITY Jaipur from SEPT 27-28, published in proceedings as an Abstract (2013) PP 33

  11. Co-authered with Dr Devika Chachiya and Dr Manish Gupta,“Case Study on Classification of Glass using Neural Network Tool in Matlab ”, presented in International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering and Application held at IMS Engineering college Ghaziabad on 15 feb 2014, published in IJCA.

  12.  Co-authered with Dr Geetika Vyas,"Integration of Usability in Agile Methodology". 8th Biyani International Conference . 22-26 september 2013. published in proceedings ISBN- 978-93-83343-01-0

  13. Co-authered with Dr Geetika Vyas, "A Review Report on Approaches to Software Metrics and Process Improvement" International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 4, Issue3, March-2013 1 ISSN 2229-5518

  14.  Co-authered with Dr Geetika Vyas," Software Metrics: Prerequisite for Efficient Software Development" Int. Journal of Electrical, Electronics & Computing Technologies, Vol. (9), May- August 2013 Issue 1,ISSN:-2229-3027

  15. Co-authered with Dr Devika Chachiya and Dr Manish Gupta,"Case study on classification of soil data using back propogation algorithm without momentum",Emerging Research in computing ,information , communication and application,organized by MNIT, Banglore proceeding published by Elsevier,1-2 Aug 2014,ISSN:9789351072607

  16. Co-authered with Dr Mini Mathur and Dr Navneet Sharma,"Transforming features into web pages in feature driven development methodology",International Conference on New Horizon of Information Technology by using Engineering and Mathematical Approach,Biryani group of institutes,14th Oct 2014.

  17. Co-authered with Ms Shweta Singh,"A Simulation Tool for Security of Hardware Resource Utilization Information in Cloud Environment with EnDeCloudReports Tool",International Journal of Computer Applications (0975–8887),Volume 127–No.17, October 2015.

  18. Co-authered with Ms Shweta Singh,"Analysis of EnDeCloudReports for Encrypting and Decrypting Data in Cloud",International Journal of Computer Applications (0975–8887),136 -No-12 ,Feb2016.

  19. Co-authered with Dr Astha Pareek and Dr Manish Gupta"A Study of Out of School Children Problem in Rajasthan using K-means clustering with Genetic Algorithm",International Journal of Computer Applications (0975–8887),144 -No-8 ,June 2016.

  20. Co-authered with Dr Geetika Vyas,"Empirical Evaluation of Metrics to Assess Software Product Line Feature Model Usability",International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Technology ,6(2),82-88,2016.

  21. Co-authered with Dr Devika Chachiya and Dr Manish Gupta,“To Retrospect the significant Inter-national Parameters for Quality Assessment in Higher Education System in Indian Scenario”, Research Reinforcement, VOl-1, PP 63-67,(2016), ISSN 2348-3857.

  22. Co-authered with Dr Devika Chachiya and Dr Manish Gupta,“Designing Optimal Architecture of Neural Network with Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques specifically for Educational Dataset”, 7th International Conference CONFLUENCE 2017, presented in 7th International Conference CONFLUENCE 2017 held at Amity University from 12 th -13 th January, published in proceeding as full paper (2017) IEEE Digital Explore Library.

  23. Co-authered with Satinderjit Kaur,"Modeling used for Software Product Line Engineering",International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication,677-679,2017.
  24. Co-authered with Satinderjit Kaur,"Evaluating the importance of Analyzability,Testability and Changeability quality Attribute in Reference to Software Product Line Orthogonal Variability Model",International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering,30-32,2017.
  25. Co-authered with Dr Devika Chachiya and Dr Manish Gupta,"Designing Optimal Architecture Of Recurrent Neural Network (LSTM) With Particle Swarm Optimization Technique Specifically For Educational Dataset",International Journal Of Information Technology (Springer Publisher),1-5,2018.

  26. Co-authered with Geetika Vyas,S. Vyas, P. Kumar,"Prediction Algorithms and Consecutive Estimation of Software Product Line Feature Model Usability",published in Conference Proceeding "International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AICAI),  IEEE explore",February 4-6, 2019.

  27. Co-authered with Uma Devi and Nishtha Kesswani,"An Efficient Model For Measuring Maintainability  From Code Cloning And Refactoring Using Regression",INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH, VOLUME 8, ISSUE 12, DECEMBER 2019.(Scopus indexed till May 2020)

  28. Co-authered with A Pareek, S. S. Hanswal and G. Vyas ,"Sentiment Analysis on E-Learning using Machine Learning Classifiers on Python",published in Conference Proceeding ",FICR International Conference on Rising Threats in Expert Applications and Solutions (Springer),January 17-19,  2020.

  29. Co-authered with S. Jat and V. Goyal ,"Artificial Neural Network Approach for Modelling Cu(II) and Cr(VI) ion Biosorption from Synthetic Textile Effluent using three Low Cost Biosorbents",published in Conference Proceeding ",FICR International Conference on Rising Threats in Expert Applications and Solutions (Springer),January 17-19,  2020.

  30. Co-authered with Harshita Bhargava and P. Survajhala ,"A Recommendation Perspective for Modelling Drug Target Interaction Predictions using Network based Approaches",published in Conference Proceeding ",FICR International Conference on Rising Threats in Expert Applications and Solutions (Springer),January 17-19,  2020.

  31. Co-authered with Uma Devi and Nishtha Kesswani,"A Diverse View on Feature-Oriented Programming in Software Product Line",Studies in Indian Place Names,Vol-40-Issue-18-February -2020.(UGC care list)

Consultancy Experience: 

Computer Science and Information Technology

  • Resource Person as Session Chair in Conference International Conference on Advances in Information Communication  Technology & Computing (12 and 13 August 2016).
  • Resource Person as Speaker in short term Course by UGC on Workshop on MOOCs,e content and open educational resources (7-12 October 2019).Talk delivered on Learner centric MOOC 8 October 2019 Organized by MHRD UGC Resouce Development Center Rajasthan University.
  • Resource Person as Speaker in 2 Week FDP on Internet of Thing (9-19 October 2019).Talk delivered on Recommendation system 19 October 2019 2019 Organized by ECB,Bikaner.
  • Resource Person as Speaker in  short term Course UGC on Workshop on MOOCs,e content and open educational resources .Talk delivered on Learner centric MOOC 8 August 2020 Organized by MHRD UGC Resouce Development Center Rajasthan University..
  • Resource Person as Session Chair in Conference 5th International Conference on ,ICT FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, GOA, INDIA,23-24 July 2020.
Research Projects: 

1)“A Case Study on E-databank Application for Rajasthan Ecological Information using Feature Driven Development Methodology”,The IIS University,2011-12.

Awards and Distinctions: 
  • Best paper award in International Conference on Science and Engineering, 2011 (ICSE 2011), Jan.  21-23, 2011, Rohtak.
  • ·   Conducted Lecture on Cyber Crime on the event of IETE (celebrated Cyber Security Day) at C.E.E.R.I Pilani Rajasthan, INDIA. 
  • ·   Publication during PG Training:H. Khatun, Amita Sharma, U. N. Pal and A. K. Sharma, "Simulation of low pressure capacitively coupled Radio Frequency Discharge", National symposium on VEDA- 2006, Oct.11-13 2006, CEERI Pilani, TS-9.5.Project during M.Sc Final Sem. Simulation of Plasma Devices Using OOPicPro.
  • ·  Ceritifcate Of Appreciation,The IIS University 2013-14.
  • "Best Performer in Over all category"inUGC-Sponsored Refresher Course in Computer Applications,J NV Jodhpur University and Kota University,

    11th May 2016-31st May 2016.

Association With Professional Bodies: 

Editorial Board :

  1. International Journal of Knowledge and Research in Management & E-Commerce, Rothak. eISSN:2231-0339               
  2. International Journal of Computer, Electronics & Electrical Engineering.ISSN:2249-9997


  1. Conference : CHUSER 2012. IEEE Colloquium on Humanities, Science and Engineering Research                                             
  2. Journal: International Journal of Computer, Electronics & Electrical Engineering.ISSN:2249-9997.
  3. Conference BEIAC.IEEE Business Engineering and Industrial Applications Colloquium 2013
  4. Conference:ICACCI 2014
  5. Conference ICNSC 2014
  6. Conference AICTC 2016
  7. International Conference on Recent Trends in Computer
  8. Applications & Information Technology 2019
  9. IEEE neural networks and learning systems


  1. Associate member of Computer Society of India
  2. Member in ACM.(2019)
  3. Life member in Bioclues
  4. Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA).
  5. International Webmasters Association (IWA)(online member)
Other Activities: 

Workshop/Refereser/Senior Attended

1)Attended : "Two week ISTE STTP on introduction to design of algorithms",

National Mission on Education through ICT,May 25, 2015to May 30,2015(MHRD, Govt. of India)

2)Departmental Cultural Coordinator 2013-15.

3)Attended Workshop on IBM based Cloud Software: Bluemix in IIIM (organized by IBM).22 July,2014

4)Attended Sigma Tech Workshop on DOT NET,25 Sept 2013.

5)Attended One Week  Workshop on "Systems Genomics in the age of Next Generation Sequencing " (25 -30 Nov 2018) organized by Birla Institute of Scientific Research , Jaipur.

6)Attended 1 Week Faculty Development Program (FDP) on 'Cybersecurity and Cyberwar (CnC 2019),3-7 Jne 2019 Organized by Department of Systemics, School of Computer Science, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun, India.

7)Attended 2 Day workshop on Bodhi Tree, conducted by IIT Bombay on 25-26 June 2019.

8) 15 week Referesher Course on Teachers and  Teaching in Higher education on UGC Swayam Platform.

IITB Workshop Coordinator:






FDPX 101:

Foundation Program in ICT for Education

13 September - 18 October 2018

AICTE approved FDP


FDPX 201:

Pedagogy for Online and Blended Teaching - Learning Process

25 Oct - 29 Nov 2018

AICTE approved FDP


Workshop on Koha and Library Automation

12 October 2018



Workshop on Koha and Library Automation

9 February 2019



Workshop on Moodle Learning Management System

15 March 2019



Coordinator’s Workshop on Scilab

16 April 2019



Workshop on Scilab

4 May 2019



Coordinator’s Workshop on Python

25 May2019



Workshop on Python

22 June 2019



Coordinator’s Workshop on eSim

27 Julty 2019



Coordinator’s Workshop on Linux

3 August 2019



Workshop on Linux

23 August 2019